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and then he kissed me <3

ummm i got my PLAN test results back and i realized that my PLAN score is low enough that i could get in to MSU...go get in to like UOFM  - 28, Havard : 32..that would be fabulous if could pull numbers like that..but i cant....college and careers are stressing me out all of a sudden, and i dont like it.

1st hr : <3 i love 1st hr. spanish with andrew - how fun. i got made fun of all hr- like i do every day - got called spoiled cuz im pathetic and dont do my laundry and all that stuff... haha oh well.

2nd hr: bio...finished watching a good movie called " Gattaca" or something - i wanna rent that it was acutally interesting and it wasnt a comedy, love or horror movie- it was bout this guy who was cloned and the big dogs think that he was the man who murderd a guy on there staff team or something so they go through all this testing and doing DNA samples..ya its good.

ps sarah - my friends are like crazy bout u

3rd hr : math..sub- got picked on again by allen umm found out that drew my get me a singing valentine or something! i hope he doessss.

4th hr: history..sucks i slept for a while. that wasnt sucky.

5th hr: lunch: meh i had a bagel mmm yummy.

6th..english : i have never in my life heard somebody who loves the sound of there own voice soo much in my life. not one person could get in a word at allll. me and sophia were bout to go crazy jfd;afs its rediculous how much that lady likes to talk.

7th hr : ran some errands walked around the school like a boss* and messed with other classes w/ amanda and la'donna

stupid salt boy wouldnt stop starrin at me everytime i went outsideeee

i have nate to thank - hes got 3 classes w/ drew and he said that drew said he thought i was cute and he liked me and he would go w/ me :)



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